Our Services

Africano Electro Ltd. is an energy equipment manufacturer and power producing enterprise, producing energy from both renewable and non-renewable sources.

As part of our scope of business, we generate power at both utility scale for grid connectivity under feed in regime and commercial systems.

We also provide residential home systems; be it stand alone, grid tied or backup systems.

AEL provides and installs equipment for power production and distribution at utility, industrial and residential scale.

We have a strong electrical consultancy services department where we act as electrical, energy consultants for projects.

Our Busines Activities


  • Power transformers / reactors.

  • Instrument transformers

  • Switch gears

  • Control and protection equipment

  • Thristor equipment

  • Insulators equipment

  • Insulators

  • Bushing

  • Capacitors


    1. Turkey power stations (from renewable and non-renewable sources)
    2. Instrument transformers
    3. Switch gears
    4. Control and protection equipment
    5. Thristor equipment
    3. Insulators equipment
    4. Insulators
    5. Bushing
    6. Capacitors


    1. Industrial drivers and control systems
    2. Erection commissioning, operation nd maintenance services
    3. Spares management
    4. Consultancy services


    1. Supply and installation of electrical cables and cable rocks
    2. Supply and installation of sub-station equipment
    3. Supply and installation of medium voltage cables
    4. Supply and installation of low voltage cables
    5. Design, manufacture and supply of electical pimp stations
    6. Supply and installation, repairs and maintenance of winches
    7. Supply and installation, repairs and maintenance of conveyer belts.


    1. Fuel Cell
    2. Load Sensors
    3. Solar energy systems for various categories of users
    4. Other renewable systems for various categories of users


    1. Manufacturing of control panels
    2. Starters
    3. Repairs of electoral panels
    4. On site machinery
    5. Engineering of mini cam switches; two way, four way, six way, eight         way, nine way, twelve way.
    6. Supply and installation, repairs and maintenance of winches
    7. Supply and installation, repairs and maintenance of conveyer belts.

    Quality Management & Assurance

    We are currently preparing for ISO 9001 accreditation.
    Our quality management system has been systematically developed during our history of industrial and instituional knowledge and experience spanning a little of 15years.

    AEL'S quality management system has grown during the 15 years period where we have had our institutional knowledge.
    This quality management system is fully integrated with every aspect of our business.
    All our operations and complaints follow ISO standards while we work towards final accreditation.

    We organize our activities within the following framework;

    1. Customer focus
    2. Leadership
    3. People involvement
    4. Process approach
    5. System approach to management
    6. Continual improvement
    7. Factual approach to decision making
    5. Mutual beneficial supplier
    6. Manufacturing of friction direction switches for winder and for         conveyer belts