About Us

Africano Electro was established with the purpose of generating cheap yet reliable power through the use of renewable energy resource.

Africano Electro is committed to becoming the leading suppliers of durable and efficient power generation.

Africano Electro also identified the challenges of leakages in transmission and distribution of power that is produced in Ghana and other African countries, due to insufficient investment and lack of proper maintenance of power lines and equipment.

Why Africano Electro

Africano provides consultancy services as well as equipment for power production.

Over the years, we have perfected the combination of unparalleled expertise and experience in electrical engineering, power production via renewable and non-renewable sources, design and consultancy in power systems.

Africano Electro can also act as sub-contractor in the area of design , consultation , engineering and installation, its involved in a nationwide retrofitting of existing Traffic lights originally powered by national grid , now powered by Solar.

Africano Electro Ltd. is strongly involved in the installation, sale and procurement of electric power generation, transmission and distribution equipments to the power agencies and organizations in Ghana and the sub-region.

Africano also engages in the installation of renewable energy equipment and materials.

AEL has developed a business culture that ensures that we have skills transfered between our expatriate staff and local Ghanaian team. This ensures that while we improve the knowledge base of the individual staff we actually grow the collective local expertise thus bridging the fine gap of knowledge through skills transfer.

What clients stand to benefit

Competitive monthly Tariff

Constant & Reliable Power supply

24/7 Technical support

   Hedged rate

Cost efficient allowing you to free up for other critical needs

No upfront cost

What we believe


Service, excellence, innovation and integrity. These values make us bold and confident to be "Your Efficient Energy Provider"


Our goal is to provide durable, dependable and efficient services and products within the power sector for the benefit of industries and residents found within the African continent to enhance their quality of life and promote growth.


1. To serve consumers' demand for high quality uninterrupted power.

2. To efficiently and effectively manage a profitable power producing business that meets all international and industrial safety standards.

3. Strongly collaborate with governments and agencies to provide clean and renewable energy to its citizens.

4. To serve as a major employment avenue for residents of the local district where the company will do business.